“Minutes to Miles” 2006

New Jersey is at it again, bringing you the best bands in the world. Music has never sounded so sweet as when Crash Romeo brings you these 11 anthemic, catchy, and vibrant pop rock songs. Produced by Chris Badami (Starting Line, Roses Are Red, Early November) this album is the perfect soundtrack to summertime.

Track Listing:

1. Minutes To Miles
2. Serious
3. Get Up, Shut Up
4. Die In Your Arms
5. Actions Not Words
6. Heading West
7. Hang Your Head
8. From The Bottom Of This Bottle
9. Hot Commodity
10. Dial M For Murder
11. On Deaf Ears We’ll Ride Tonight

“Gave Me the Clap” 2008

Crash Romeo delivers the catchiest album of 2008. From the initial songs released like “Popular,” people are already chomping at the bit to hear this album. Produced by Chris Badami at Portrait Studios, responsible for albums from The Starting Line and The Early November, “Gave Me The Clap” is 11 songs of pure pop-punk and will have you singing along instantly.

Track Listing:

1. About To Break
2. Popular
3. Gave Me The Clap
4. Lady Luck
5. Victim Liar
6. One Night Only
7. Maybe Lane
8. Give Me Something
9. Honest Eyes
10. Set It Off
11. Better Off In Jersey